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unshOUT the NOise  is committed to the

immediacy of theatre. We create  at the juncture and the clash of ensuing energies of artistic forms incorporating theatre, film, dance and music to present works without boundaries. We are committed to building a multi-disciplinary body of work of original plays and re-visualized classics that challenges convention in the name of unfettered expression.  Each project is developed through a process that utilizes cross disciplinary invention through the use of unconventional writing techniques, cinematic constructs, visual art, pop culture and music; that draws inspiration from all cultures, all time periods and all disciplines to invigorate the storytelling and to reframe the debate: employing theatrical traditions to tell contemporary tales to transform aesthetic distance and invite the audience to come face to face with the raw, the beautiful and the brutal. This process produces hybrid productions which do not fall into traditional categories or structures and results in performances of heightened theatricality.


UNshout the NOise aims to stimulate the imagination of its audiences and can only do that by not adhering to any pre-conceived idea of what a play or performance is.  Join us and wake up your sleeping brain. 



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