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Sponsor an Artist     

donations $1000. +

      The Producers' Circle              donations $5000. +


Executive Produce 

donations $35,000.  +











Your support creates paying jobs in the theatre.
Your donations provide opportunities and employment for working artists .
Your support created close to 100 paying jobs in 
the productions of  DIVINITY of HELL & JYOEN. 
Please continue to build community and support creativity. 



Check donations payable to:

Creative Women New York Inc. 

Mailing address:

Creative Women New York

P.O. Box 805

New York, New York 10024



*All donations are 100% tax deductible to the extent allowed by law*

Every dollar supports creativity. 

Shouting THANK YOU for your support​​​​​

Anonymous x 3

Barbara Smith-Alfaro & Victor Alfaro

Sandro Manzo & Fiamma Arditi 

Adrienne Armor


Alice Barden

Joanna Bevacqua

Brewer Family 

Meredith Brosnan

Joe Campanelli

Ron Canada

Susan Canada

Creative Women

Kitty Chen

Cari DeBlasio

 Christine D'Onofrio

Matthew Dessner

James & Margaret Douglass

Elizabeth L. Enck

Chase Gilbertson

Shoshanna Gleich

Andrew Goldberg

Jeff Goldberg

Stuart Howard & Judy Waters

Tracey Iigner

Miranda Jonte

 David Kucera

Georgianna LaBella-Saracco & John Saracco  

Poz Lang

Dena Lenard


Grace Macris

Sarah Matteucci, ESPA at Primary Stages

Frances Middendorf


Catherine Monnet

Nettles Artists' Collective, Deb Baldarini & Sandie Luna

Eve Pomerance

Concepcion Nierras

Al Ramos

Charlotte Richards

RMG Group

Corey Rogers

Marie L. Saunders 

Carrie Schoenfeld

Kimberly Davis Shapiro

Richard Squires

Sternman Productions

Will Sunshine

Dena Tyler

Angus Vail & Julie Daugherty

Wagon Driver Productions​

Beth Wagner

Lila Weingast

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