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 CThe Cast of Jyou en / Of Burning Desire 


Please meet the extremely talented performers who have spent many long hours, painstakingly and creatively, bringing the characters and the world of Jyou en to life!


Yuriko Miyake is a New York based performer(actor/dancer/singer). She is an original cast member in the world debut of the first staged adaptation of Hayao Miyazaki’s movie “Princess MONONOKE” by UK based physical theatre company, Whole Hog Theater,  which premiered in London and toured in Tokyo. Yuriko also narrates for commercials and films. Currently, she is filming an action film.

Follow Yuriko on Twitter!: @Yurikomiyake



Born in Osaka Japan, Satomi Shikata (AKA, Sato) is an independent performing artist of dance, theater and music. In 1993, Satomi moved to New York City and worked as a modern dancer with Igal Perry, Mark Dendy, Daniel Gwirtzman, and Lynn Neuman. She is a founding/core member of Constellation Moving Company – a New York based Aerial Dance Theater since 2009. Satomi often performs under the stage name “Cyberbutoh” and continues as a dedicated performer and creator.  Satomi is original cast member of “Kate’s Chink-o-Rama” with comedy star Kate Rigg, bringing original dance, sketch and choreography to the company which toured internationally from 2000-2004. Her other passions include: silk, rope, lyra, trapeze aerial performance and Argentine Tango. Film credits: “Bare feet negotiation” a dance film directed and choreographed by Charlotte Griffin 2008; “Subway Poetry” spoken word and movement with Kate Rigg (on going work).




Akiko Tokuoka is a Japanese dancer, choreographer, a  certified Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® instructor and actress. After arriving at NYC in 2004, she has continued her dance training to include ballet, modern, contemporary/lyrical jazz dance, as well as advanced acting training . She was featured in roles at La MaMa, Lincoln Center, Blue Note, Brooklyn Ballet, New York Fashion Week Collection and Kennedy Center (D.C.).  She is also a member of the voguing dance collective “House of Ninja" and coordinated their Japanese Tour in 2011.  Akiko specializes in Japanese classical dance and performed in the “Obi-Tying Demonstration” at the Metropolitan Museum of the Art.  Currently, she is performing in the Off-Broadway Musical "Heather Smiley for President." Akiko aspires to uplift and inspire her audience through the creation of multi-media pieces that combine her skills in acting, dancing and choreography.


Toshi came to New York to intensify his dance training where he studied at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance. His traditional Japanese background and life experiences in New York empower him with a unique quality and voice as an East/West performing artist.   As a principal artist with BALAM Dance Theatre (BALAM), Toshi has been featured in the roles of Rahwana from Ramayana-The Abduction of Sita, Fragrance; Ancestor/Demon from Spirit Window; and in his choreography, NYC-Baris, and Sunda Upasunda, a critically acclaimed masked dance drama inspired by the Mahabharata that he created for BALAM’s Bali Tour 2010.  Toshi has choreographed and performed as a featured solo artist many times in Bali, Indonesia, where he was accompanied by the world renowned Gamelan Semara Ratih of Ubud.  Toshi performed as an actor in Kabuki theater (Yorozuya Family) and trained in the Noh Theater(Ho-syo School) for over 30 years.  He has taught Noh theatre and dance as a guest teacher at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York and at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study and Tisch School of the Arts, and also at Columbia University.  He holds a black belt in  karate and was a karate instructor at their New York dojo.     

His performance credits include Saeko Ichinoe, Harmonia Opera, guest artist with the Connecticut Ballet, Temple of Jehan, American Dance Festival, Rubin Museum of Art, and as a supporting Noh singer and dancer with Japanese national treasure, Master Watanbe in Tokyo, Japan.


Koji Mishiyama was born and raised in Nagoya, Japan. After completing his civil engineering degree, he decided to pursue his long time passion – acting. He came to New York in 2009 where he graduated from the New York Film Academy acting program. He then joined the Samurai Sword Soul (SSS) theater company where he trained in sword fighting. He has been working and performing with them ever since. Koji is not a stranger to dramatic, action and comedic roles. Theatre credits include THE WRESTLER, RED BULL AND THE INFINITE SPIRITS. Film credits include VAMPIRE HUNTER, SEX, BLOOD AND FAIRY TALES, CHASE AND WAX MUSEUM. Koji’s hunger for new knowledge and experiences encourages him to continuously advance in his acting career.




Mari Miyamoto was born and raised in Kumamoto, Japan. After moving to New York, Mari trained at HB Studio with Rochelle Oliver, Michael Beckett and Michael Blake. Her credits include; Kyoto Dreams(Theater 80 St. Marks), Music In Me (Simple Studio), Opera Carmen (Prefectural Theater, Japan), Acting Note (Film). Mari also organizes Linguistic Improvisation workshops both in Japan and NYC.  Mari is thrilled to join this production.

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